Saturday, 26 March 2011

My personal website

I choice my blog be using to my personal website. The style same to my business card, I change the background colour to Beige that with the Chinese printing complement each other.
Beige is a soft neutral colour that isn't quite white and has some of the earthiness of light browns. Beiger represents quiet, pleasantness with a touch of luster. As a neutral, beige is a calming colour. It carries some of the same pureness, softness, and cleanliness of white but is slightly richer, a touch warmer.

Nature of Beige:
Beige is a neutral color with a bit of the warmth of brown and the crisp, coolness of white. It is sometimes seen as dull and boring unless coupled with other colors. It can be a relaxing color for whole feeling.

Keywords for Meaning of Beige:
Quiet, pleasantness, calm, understated elegance, purity, softness, more rich and warm than white

Culture of Beige:
Beige has traditionally been seen as a conservative, background color. In some cultures, beige garments might symbolize piety or simplicity. The color beige provides a calming effect.
The ink of water colour and the seal colour all around gray colours. And then, the lotus used the colour of misty rose.

The typography
Many web pages look very similar that because there are simple, sound reasons for the common way in which web page layout is structured. The common structure does not happen by chance, it is based on simple, easy-to-understand layout principles.
  1. People give their web browsers wide windows, to avoid horizontal scrolling.
  2. Web browsers have a rather large default font size, to get reasonable number of characters with such wide web browser windows.
  3. But major web pages reduce the line length by using columns, and they can then use a font smaller than the default setting of the browser.

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