Monday, 21 March 2011

My personal website

I choice my blog be using to my personal website. The style same to my business card, I change the background colour to Beige that with the Chinese printing complement each other. 
Beige is a soft neutral colour that isn't quite white and has some of the earthiness of light browns. Beiger represents quiet, pleasantness with a touch of luster. As a neutral, beige is a calming colour. It carries some of the same pureness, softness, and cleanliness of white but is slightly richer, a touch warmer.

Nature of Beige:
Beige is a neutral color with a bit of the warmth of brown and the crisp, coolness of white. It is sometimes seen as dull and boring unless coupled with other colors. It can be a relaxing color for whole feeling.

Keywords for Meaning of Beige:
Quiet, pleasantness, calm, understated elegance, purity, softness, more rich and warm than white

Culture of Beige:
Beige has traditionally been seen as a conservative, background color. In some cultures, beige garments might symbolize piety or simplicity. The color beige provides a calming effect.
The ink of water colour and the seal colour all around gray colours. And then, the lotus used the colour of misty rose.

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