Monday, 21 February 2011

Work for Exhibition - 3 images I chosen

l  Project: Group Project
l  My work: Banner designed
l  Software: Photoshop
l  This is my Group Project in the second years. I have been design the logo for my group website. Our theme is child play centers. I have produced the logo idea and finished. But following discussed, I was created a copy of the logo and resized it to be 800px x 150px. I was resized all photo for website again.

l  Project: Virtual Environments

l  My work: Software: 3d Max
l  Modelling of Cathedral
l  This model made by 3Ds Max for Chelmsford cathedral. This initiative is a positive endorsement of Essex, using testimonials from a personal perspective written by local people and visitors to the county. I am an International student, and I have shared my initial impressions of Essex -- The Chelmsford Cathedral.

l  Project: Virtual Environments
l  My work: Head-modelling
l  Software: 3d Max
l  This one created by 3D class in last semester. And this is created according my own head. In this module, I need make a head-model as my own..

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