Tuesday, 22 March 2011

the Cube

I tried made a cube-frame.
The tube designed that bears the weight of other tubes, the material should choose a stiff moderately thick paper.
The first one made of 50gsm paper (left over from my sketchbook, but not enough), it can be stand independently. But I not sure that does it strong enough to sustain the weight of the others.
The second I chose the 135gsm paper. It looks pretty strong, and I tired set the same weight of two tubes above. It absolutely loaded.
We can use glue to put together the separate parts of the tube and make it stronger.
About size
I use the A3 paper to cut into square. The square is 297mm long. And the edge of the cube is 297mm.
So if we want the tube is big enough for A1 size, A1 paper to make up is required. The square of A1 paper is 559 long as its width.

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