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Curriculum vitae

Name: Rui Zhang
Email: ruidaub@gmail.com
Telephone number: 07898920189
Term Address: 439 Room, 49 flat, RansomesWay, Chelmsford, Essex. England, CM1 1SA
Home Address: 102 Block 3, 9th THE MANSION OF DRAGON, Loong Palace, 317 Chang ping Road, Chang ping District, Beijing 102208, P.R. China.
Nationality: Chinese
l  Anglia Ruskin University, BSc Multimedia, Animation and the Web       2009 –Present
Modules Currently Studying: Interaction and Usability, 2D Animation, Design Methods and Technology Project, Group Design Project, 3D Modelling and Animation, 3D Character Animation, Advanced Sound Techniques, Virtual Environments, Major Project, Video Production, Web Gallery and Exhibition.
l  Beijing Union University (Beijing, China)                               2007 -2009
Modules Taken: College English 1, Graphic Construction and Software Application, Web Database and Design, Socialism Thoughts, C Programming, Physical Education, Ethics Studies and Law Basic,  College English 2, Two-Dimensional Animation, Photography and Editing, WebTechnology—ASP.net, Advertising and Design, Marketing, College English 3, Art and Design on Webpage, Editing Technology on Media Materials, Three-Dimensional Animation, CG Film Production, Film Editing and Production, Software Programming, Employment Studies, Management Studies, World History of Art and Design, Innovation and Originality in Design , Film and Television Multimedia Tools, Advanced Photography.

l  Beijing Cui Wei Senior High School (Beijing, China)                      2004-2007
Modules Taken: PhysicsChemistryAdvanced MathematicsChinese, History, Geography, Art and Music
l  Beijing Li Xin Middle School (Beijing, China)                            2001-2004
Modules Taken: Chinese(120/150), Mathematics(127/150), English(116/150) , Physics(95/100), Chemistry(89/100), Geology(A*), History(A*), Sports(30/30)
I.e. Grades in brackets; eg.120/150 meaning final grade was 120 out of full marks of 150.

l  Beijing Yu Jin Tang Culture Communication Co., Ltd,
Exhibition Designer Assistant                     May, 2008 – June, 2009 Part time
Ÿ   Good self-discipline and mature organizational skills.
Ÿ   Assist project designer with exhibition design procedure, quality and safety supervision.
Ÿ   Responsible for cooperating with and supervising on contractors, instruct and monitor on construction.
Ÿ   Systemize and archive technical amanuensis, department files, material database.
Ÿ   General administration. Enhance team cooperation.
l  Beijing Zhong Peng Building Decoration Co.,
Ltd Interior Designer Assistant July,                       2008 – September, 2008
Ÿ   Good communication ability and excellent team-working with colleagues.
Ÿ   Examine contractors regarding human resource, material inputs, Capital inputs and relevant operation status.
Ÿ   Check designer's technical progress and working procedure base on building drawings and related criteria.

l  HSBC Bank (China) Co., Ltd Beijing Lido Place Sub-branch    
Personal Financial Assistant                             July, 2010 – August, 2010
Ÿ   Computer literature, Proficiency in Microsoft Office software and network.
Ÿ   Skilled in computer-output typesetting, presswork design and package design, poster design.
Ÿ   Thinking clear, methodical work, work on serious and responsible attitude.
Ÿ   Provide guides to customers. Good communication and coordination with customers.

l  Beijing Union University excellence student award                              2008

l  Beijing 2008 Olympic Games Volunteer (Marathon)                    summer 2008
Ÿ   Full attendance in volunteer’s training program, developed professional skills in servicing, medical aid and so on.
Ÿ   Offering help for athletes from various countries in Marathon(guide, rest station service)

l  Rural China Education Foundation                                Summer 2007
Ÿ   Great benevolence and willing to offer any help 
Ÿ   Contribute help in rural area of China

IT Skills
Excellent with Word, Spreadsheet and PowerPoint, email/web/search engine usage ∙ familiar with AutoCAD, Database and Language C, skill on Flash, Action Script3.0, 3Ds Max, Photoshop, Illustrator, Premier pro, After Effect and Final cut pro.

Fluent in both written and spoken English and Mandarin.

Joint in Beijing Union University student union from 2007-2008, participated in organizing various events. Acted the hostess when the party and large-scale sport-game. Taken a press photographer when the university large activity and catcall. Organized and planned activities, arranging ceremony, planned meeting-place arrangement, and arranged show.

Optimistic, outgoing, funny, earnest and steady especially under high pressure, considerate and kind, excellent team-work skill.

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